A Few of My Favorite Podcasts

Podcasts have resurfaced as a fantastic learning and marketing tool. Podcasts allow experts…

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Don’t Try to be Steve Jobs- Discover Your Own Unique Strengths and Abilities

As much as we love a business visionary like, Steve…

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Do something good

Do Something Today For Someone With The Knowing There’s No Possible Way To Repay You

Sometimes life has a way of bringing us to our…

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Distinguishing Your Brand

Successful branding is just as essential to the success of independent businesses…

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The Price of Freedom

  A year ago this month, my business partner Stuart…

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The Monster Between You and The Life You Want

This post is based on a recent #WAKEUP! Call podcast…

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Evolution of a Criminal Film

Evolution of a Criminal Film – World Premiere March 8,…

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Respect Yourself

To me, the secret to being fulfilled is to feel…

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Reactive vs Proactive – Who’s running your life?

Last night I turned the heat way down in my…

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Love or Fear?

Through which avenue will I make choices today: love or…

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