jay kubassek

My mission is to wake people up to the choices that every individual has in order to create the life of their choosing.

My Vision

If I am successful in executing my vision, millions of people around the world will discover a viable alternative to the status qo. They will come to understand their true purpose in life, become empowered to choose their own path, and be able to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. They will be genuinely happy, confident, in love with their lives. They will enjoy quality time and relationships with people they care about. I envision a world in which every person who chooses can wake up to their own potential, and begin to live, breathe, and create the life of their choosing.  

My Values

  • HAPPINESS:I am at my best when I grateful, knowing that I am blessed with a healthy body, sound mind, good friends and a life of freedom and abundance. I take nothing for granted.
  • VIRTUE: I am at my best when I am authentic and transparent in my communication and intentions. I always seek to do the “right thing”
  • CHARACTER: I am at my best when I am fully committed to what I am doing, executing it fully and consistently, to the best of my ability.
  • SERVICE: Nothing makes me happier than serving and caring my family, friends, customers and community.
  • BALANCE: I am at my best when I am able to maintain a healthy and balanced, stress-free and peaceful lifestyle.
  • LEGACY: I am at my best when I when my work is in alignment with my values. I intend to leave a legacy that my children will be pride of and one that inspires other to also leave the world a better place.
  • EASE & SIMPLICITY: I am at my best when I am easy-going and flexible. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I keep this in perspective.
  • ACCEPTANCE: I am at my best when I show compassion and treat others with the same respect that I expect to be treated. I do not judge.
  • SELF REALIZATION: I am constantly seeking to grow and expand my understanding and awareness of those around me.
  • EFFORT: I am at my best when I take pride in my work and do my absolute best in everything I do. I give 100% to that which I commit.
  • FOLLOW THROUGH: I am at my best when I start with the end in mind and finish what I start.



Jay Kubassek was born into a small, religious commune near Toronto. Founded by his grandfather, this group of 20 or so families lived off the land and were self-sufficient. Virtually secluded from the outside world without access to television, radio, movies or music, lives were committed to “serving the Lord” with all possessions shared in common.

In 2001, with little more to show than a few dollars in his pocket, a home-schooled 8th grade education, and a burning desire for a better life- Jay’s evolved from a once naive 24 year old to becoming an influential digital marketing and entrepreneurship expert, author, speaker and trainer.

Thinking the grass would be greener on this side of the fence, Jay was dismayed to realize that life on the outside wasn’t all about homemade cookies and mom’s cooking. Lacking any real-world job experience let alone work references, his resume was blank. Never having had a bank account- let alone a credit card- he couldn’t even qualify for a mobile phone account with his zero credit history.

Jay quickly realized that the corporate ladder wasn’t even an option. By 2003, frustrated with the lack of opportunity and prejudice encountered, completely broke, and still unable to qualify for student loans to get the education he thought he needed, Jay only had two options left. He could either give up- and return to the compound with his tail between his legs, or pull off the impossible- and start his own business.

By 2004 he was determined to prove the naysayers and loyalists back at the commune wrong. Refusing to quit on his dream of personal and financial freedom, Jay turned to the Internet and started teaching himself the skill of Internet Marketing while still working full time at a Topeka, Kansas Midas auto service shop. Having already failed miserably at several online business and network marketing opportunities, failure simply was not an option.

Suddenly, financial success came almost effortlessly and by 2007 he was a self-made millionaire. Stunned, yet grateful, he shifted his focus to reverse engineering his success with the stated mission of helping 100 people duplicate his results. By 2010, tens of thousands of students in over 200 countries were diligently working towards their own personal dreams of financial independence.

Touting a unique and totally unconventional methodology for success, Jay has since become a champion for those out of options- people like him who have every right to achieve greatness.

His weekly WAKE UP! Podcast regularly has 10-20,000 listeners and over 800,000 people subscribe to his weekly newsletter. Over 211,500 people have purchased one of his training DVDs and his BlackBOOK of Entrepreneurial Secrets.

Jay’s unique story of overcoming seemingly insurmountable odds has reached many, and now he has also become a highly sought-after business consultant, author, and professional speaker. “A younger, hipper, Tony Robbins with practical content as well as the ability to inspire.” said the Toronto Star in a recent review.