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Vertical Integration

I have, and will continue to believe, that intentions predict results. The true purpose of your actions, will always dictate the types of results.

Movement (or Cause) Marketing is no surprise to anyone anymore. It was a natural development that sprang from a lot people being frustrated, disappointed and fed up. People who decided that “choice” was a not a seasonal part of their lives. It never left, and was the real reason they’re lives might not have been what they wanted. In USA Today there is an article about how “Cause Marketing” is dead in Corporate America.

USA TODAY: “…with almost half of American respondents to Edelman’s goodpurpose survey saying they feel brands only support good causes for publicity and promotion — not because they really care — many companies may want to rethink their entire approach to cause marketing.”

It’s certainly true that consumers have woken up to the smoke and mirrors, and put choice back in the game. But what Carol Cone of Edelman fails to mention, is that it’s not just better consumer judgement and sniffing out the b.s., it’s entrepreneurs, around the world, that are providing a new solution.

A solution rooted in the peace of mind that only transparency and social responsibility can give. Let’s hope vertical integration finally proves to be true!! Maybe the principles that we embody as entrepreneurs, will finally make their way into corporations, but more importantly, lets hope it makes it to the aisles of our stores.

All the best,


Jay Kubassek