Giving Thanks.

, and this land of opportunity we live in.

The earliest settlers of this fair country celebrated Thanksgiving in appreciation for a bountiful harvest. It’s safe to say that few of us have had the opportunity to experience the benediction of growing and tending our own crop (although some us are rather handy on a John Deere). The virtual world will live in, while a remarkable innovation, makes it difficult to see the tangible fruits of our labor. However, we still must not only appreciate each step, we should celebrate these moments, as they are the fabric of our existence.

It could be learning how to “tweet,” or shoot a rifle. It could be making a new friend on Facebook, picking your first domain name, getting that brush cleared, or mending the fence. Each is an example of progress, an accomplishment in and of itself. The scale matters not, it is simply the act of doing.

As we move into the holiday season let us not forget to be thankful for the myriad amount of things that we all too often take for granted. The 21st century has made basic necessities subjects of entitlement. Let us avoid this trap, and continue to appreciate all things. I mean come on, the Internet?…we are so spoiled.

All my best,

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